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In this technological age, almost all devices that we use are connected online using the wireless technology. Starting from smart phones, laptops and tables, they all use wifi to connect to the internet when a cable is out of reach. The wifi gives the users a chance to visit their favorite websites online or send important emails and similar activities from almost every place outside the house.

The networking industry is developing wifi supported routers for home use for a long time. Which mean that we can easily connect on our own wireless network if we are using the net around the house. The problem occurs when we are in a need of a connection and we are far away from the range of the home router. A wifi connection is available on every corner these days but they are all protected and not usable for everyone, even the wifi connections offered from companies that should be free and available to the users. When you face a problem like this, it is time to start using a wifi hacking software.

It may sound dangerous and something that hard to use but a wifi hacking software could be a very useful tool if used properly and with the right purpose. The software that we are going to talk later has only one purpose, to allow you a connection to the net at any time and place. Developed by skilful networking professionals, this wifi hacking software has the ability to bypass every wifi in a lighting speed.

Another great thing is that you don’t have to be a professional to use and understand this software. It is pretty simple and we have also included a tutorial with the download link.

The way that this wifi hacking software operates is pretty simple. It scans for wireless networks, checks the level of encryption and the strength of the signal, make a balance between the searches in order to find the one that will take less effort and time and still have  a strong signal and attacks the router using history files from previous connections and a specially designed cracker.

The cracker added to the wifi hacking software also has a detection feature. The feature is used to find the brand and the version of the router which is later used in the third and the guaranteed success feature.

When the software discovers the name of the router, it has the ability to restart it and detects the new password automatically. This process may take 10-15 minutes to be completed because it takes time for a router to be restarted. But on the other hand, a success and connections are guaranteed.

We recommend you to use this powerful wifi hacking software with caution and only for finding an internet connection for your device. We have also included an Ebook for wireless hacking and Mobile WiFi Hacking on Android Tutorial + Tools. Use the download link to get this tools and tutorials and once again, use it with caution.

Click here to download the wifi hacking software and the toturial

Is using a wifi hacking software dangerous for your pc? The answer of this question mostly depends on the user. Tons of wifi hacking software are available for free download, most of them are actually made to trick the user and actually hack the user instead. All those promising one click wifi hacking software are only a Trojan or a Virus that will heavily damage your pc. Those kind of software are not made by a company operated by a network specialist who spend time working on solving a real problem. The one click wifi hacking software are mostly developed by the black hat hackers with evil intentions. Our advice is to stay away from those tricky promises.

It is important to use software developed from a known and existing company (like Commview Wifi Hacker v6.0.581). This software is originally developed as a wifi network monitoring tool but with some tweaking and little changes that we made it is transformed into the most secured and effective wifi hacking software. Using this download link you will download the edited version of the software and detailed instructions on how to use it. If after reading the instructions you still have a problem using it, feel free to contact us using the email at the Contact Us section.

This wifi hacking software free download is tested on almost all supporting operating systems (except Windows 2003) and everything was working perfectly.

Another important thing to worry about is the antivirus detection. Those fake wifi hacking software are detected as Trojan or Malware by the antivirus which only confirms that they are not real. On the other hand, real working wifi hackings software is not detected as a threat from the antivirus in 90% of cases. Some antivirus software detects the Commview Wifi Hacker as a hacking or suspicious tool. That’s only because it is slightly modified and the antivirus detector is confused when compares the production code with the original.

The size of the wifi hacking software matters as well. If someone offers you software with a size of a 50 KB or 1MB and promises that will do miracles, it is probably a scam or a Trojan encrypted into exe file. You should not look for software with 1GB size required to operate but going for a software with a size of a picture is definitely not a good idea.

Wifi Hacking Software Free Download We were never actually planning to use a wifi hacking software free download for breaking a wireless network at the first place. We were all using our own manual method to break a protected wifi and use the internet. But every wifi is a different story and breaking it manually takes a lot of time. Still, we were passionately breaking wifi networks because we are WLAN specialist and because we can :  )

After couple of friendly discussion we somehow end up admiring software called Commview Wifi Hacker. A member of our team mentioned how it was excellent in discovering holes using the method of APA (aggressive package attack) and we were all interested because the APA method is the most effective one for breaking a wifi network. One thing led to another and we end up exploring this software into details. We worked very hard for months to master all the options and combinations that this software has to offer.

After doing some experiments and sharing our knowledge we have managed to write a script and set the right options in order to make this amazing monitoring tool to work as a wifi hacking software. The results were amazing, a simple, effective and harmless wifi hacking software for every user. We have managed to keep the APA method untouched and add options that made the software to do the second step. The second step actually means to use the contra respond of the APA process to break the wifi network instead of only reporting the hole. With the using the right options and following the right instructions this wifi hacking software is almost 100% effective.

Use this link: “download link here” to download the software including a detailed instruction.

Commview Wifi Hacker v6.0.581 (+ Hacking Instructions)

System Requirements:

- Minimum: The application will run on requirements for the OS being used.

- Recommended: processor with 1600 MHz , 1GB RAM, 10 MB free space for files, more disk space could be required if saved packets are logged on the disk. The requirements could be higher, depending on the traffic usage mode and volume as well.

Operating Systems (32- and 64-bit) Windows XP, 7, Server 2003, Vista or Windows 2008

Who Can Use Commview Wifi Hacker:

- Home users who are interested in monitoring their WLAN traffic.

- Programmers developing software for wireless networks.

- WLAN administrators.

- Security professionals.

Anyone who wants to have a full picture of the WLAN traffic could easily use this software. Starting from security professionals, LAN administrators and network programmers, CommView for WiFi is a comprehensive and affordable tool for almost everyone.


-          Can break any wifi network

-          Easy to use

-          Easy to install

-          Included with instructions

-          Small requirements needed to run and space as well

Cons :

-          Takes some time if the network is well protected

-          Can’t be relocated while working and scanning

-          Limited to save and remember 5 networks


To download Commview Wifi Hacker and Ebook on how to use it, please click the button below:

Wifi Hacking Software

Welcome to the homepage of the wifi hacking software free download website. I’m sure that you will enjoy the download pack and you will find it very helpful.

The download pack contains a Wifi Hacking Software with instructions (Commview Wifi Hacker v6.581) + en Ebook about the beginner steps in understanding how WLAN works (Hack Wireless Networks For Dummies in PDF format) + Android Hacking Instructions in MS word document.

If you want to learn more about the software or the people behind the hacking instructions, visit the About Us page. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or suggestions related to Wireless Networks. You can contact us using the info from Contact Us page.

Download the pack using the link below and remember to use it with caution and only in order to find a free internet connection for your device.

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